Monday, August 22, 2011

Makurazaki / "Wind from Europe" Part-2

In the evening after we arrived, we went to the famous local Brewery, the Kedogawa beer house. The beer is very special and tastes delicious.

The Chef himself is an artist, too. Not only for cooking and making beer, but he also loves making ice sculptures.

So while we enjoyed the delicious buffet and beer, he made this fancy sculpture.

The kids instantly found new friends. Later, the chef took a picture from us, too and wrote in his blog about us and the group-show.

The next day, we went to the opening...

Here you see Kinuko-san's beautiful Hindeloopen art...

...and also other paintings. I especially love her hanabi pictures.
Please visit her homepage, too. 

Here are Toshiko, me and Kinuko, ready for our speeches.
I was so nervous to talk in Japanese infront of all the guests, but everybody seemed to like it, even if it was not perfect sometimes.

Here we cut the band together with the major of Makurazaki and open the exhibition symbolically.

Later, some of the visitors wanted to talk with me about my art and it felt great to recieve so much lovely feedback.

Toshiko-san did a wonderful job representing the other European artists there. 

Here is once again the three of us... Toshiko-san, Kinuko-san (in the middle) and me.
Thank you everybody, for the wonderful time we had in Makurazaki !!! I'm looking forward to September to see you all again on the party !!!


  1. Ich würde so gerne diese Ausstellung besuchen x3 Leider ist Japan so weit weg xD Aber tolle Fotos :D

  2. Vielen, vielen Dank !!! Wenn Du mal nach Japan kommst, dann kann ich Dir ja gern den ein oder anderen schoenen Platz bei uns in Fukuoka zeigen ;)