Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photos from our trip to Nagasaki Part 1

Now that things are calming down over here, please let me share some pictures of our trip here...
We head to Nagasaki at Friday moning, but instead of taking the highway, we drove the scenic way over the mountains.

After driving over the mountains, we reached Sasebo, where we had the famous Sasebo burger.

The very first burger made in Japan.

And it was really delicious. I especially loved the smoked ham on it ^^

One of the most awesome spots I ever saw is Kujuku Jima, which means 99 islands (actually, there are 208). A part of the Saikai national park. Most of the islands are uninhabited and protected areas to preserve nature and wildlife there.

Later, we arrived in Nagasaki and went to China town.

Here you see the entrance of China town. A lot of restaurants and small and unique shops were there.

And here is the harbor... it reminded me so much of Hakodate. Many little Cafes and restaurants... and a very relaxing and mediteranian atmosphere. I want to go there again in Summer, sitting outside and have a good beer or wine.

There is a mountain there, which is so much like Hakodate yama. I want to go there, too and enjoy the nightview over the city.

Later we had Gon-Aji, a local speciality. The Aji here has a special golden color and is caught near the 5 islands close by. It tasted delicious...

Later we had some tapa and wine at the hotel and felt refreshed and relaxed. The stress we had last week  finally wore off... 

PEACE at last ^_____^


  1. Wirklcih schöne fotos ^^

    und zwei kaputte schlafende Kids *grins*

    War scheinbar wirklich ein voller Erfolg, hm?? :)

    Werd die Tage auch deinen Brief beantworten. ^^
    *lieb drück*

  2. Danke ^^
    Und ich freue mich schon auf Post von Dir. Ab morgen habe ich viel zutun, denn meine beiden haben Fruehlingsferien, aber ich freue mich auch schon, dass ich sie nun wieder mehr habe. Im April kriegen wir noch "Familienzuwachs", da wir uns einen kleinen Graupapagei anschaffen wollen. Ich freue mich schon soooo. Viele liebe Gruesse,

  3. Hi Dear Julia

    I am so glad you found a sense of peace and normality there

    Happy that you all seem to have had a wonderful time

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos

    its lovely to see them smiling with the burger :)

    Seems no City is complete with out a Chinatown :)

    beautiful to see you all dear and you are always in my kind thoughts

    Bye for now Julia, Please take care
    Your Friend DJ