Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ohina Matsuri and WiP part 2

Today 3.3 is Ohina Matsuri, the Japanese festival of dolls and girls.
People build an altar/stage of dolls, normally King, Queen and servants in their houses and eat special colorful foods (Chirashi Sushi) and have sweet sake.

Here you see a Ohina Matsuri Bentou, I bought today for the kids ^^ They also got some sweets, ribbons and some other stuff. Poor Yumi needed to work on her math-homework so hard today, but she was very ambitious to finish it...

Oh and here is my "homework". My WiP I finished today. Last time I did a brown/black layer for the background trees. I continued to work on the textures on Monday.

...sprayed a layer of white airbrush over them, then added the next ground-layer of the next trees. 

One day later, I worked on the textures and again sprayed a layer of airbrush over then.

And today, I finally finished the painting.
Size is about B4... original available...


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