Monday, April 19, 2010

Futamigaura and Keya no oto

Yesterday we went to Futamigaura. A very nice spot near Fukuoka.
I'm always amazed by the beautiful beaches in Japan.
Later, we drove to Oto no keya, a big rock on a peninsula with a cave in it.
We took a boat and entered the cave... unfortunatelly, the pics I took did not work out so well.
Here you see the big rock from the front.
Keya is a nice little village, with a mediteranian touch. I want to spend one weekend there someday and do fishing... the water was so clear and had an emerald-color.
When we drove home, we suddenly found a shop, where we could buy ham and saussages. We decided to stop and have a look...
To our surprise they had a lot of saussages like "Bierschinken", "Jagtwurst" and "Gelbwurst". The owner, a Japanese Wurstmeister won international awards with his products and we tasted the Jagtwurst. It was so delicious and we bought some. *yummy*
Here is his homepage:
I will definetelly visit there again !!!

Honestly, when I read some stories and experiences from Germans living in Japan, 80% of them are kind of keen to wirte about rather "bizarre" things or making fun out of the customs here. It always annoys me... I mean, we also have our own "bizarre" things and customs in Germany, but are we able to laugh about ourselves as well?!? Most can't, I'm afraid...
Sometimes, after reading such a thing I would always love to "grab the bull by the horns" and write about a weird experience or custom in Germany to show, we are no different.
Then I always wonder, why don't those Germans in Japan, who are writing about "weird things and customs" won't write about some things they like or positive experiences here. Is it so "cool" only to write about how "superiour" they feel...?!? Then I must admit, they miss so many nice things here, because they seem to be so full of themselves. 
Not all of them are that way, of course, but the rudest seem to be the loudest, so I feel I should continue writing about all the nice and lovely experiences I had here so far.


  1. hach mensch.. ist das schön :)

    Hab deinen Brief fertig. ^^ er wird morgen auf Reisen gehen :)

    Hoffe bei dir ist soweit alles in ordnung?? :)


  2. Danke ^_^
    Bei mir ist alles soweit klar... hab gestern auch mein Formular fuer die Koreaausstellung abgeschickt. Nun muss nur noch mein Bild geschickt werden.
    Hoffentlich klappt alles.
    Freue mich schon auf Deinen Brief !!!