Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hiking at Esan 恵山

Today, the weather was very clear and so we decided to hike to the top of Esan, which is a still active Volcano near Hakodate. It was a 6km hike (all in all), but totally worth it. The sight was amazing. When we reached the top, we could see Aomori on one side and Yote-san and Muroran on the other side. I'm especailly proud of my kids, that they climbed the whole path without complaining and enjoyed the sight and nature the same way, we did.


  1. Great images. It must be amazing to hike there.

  2. Thanks. Yes, it's beautiful up there. At some parts there is still sulphur coming out of the rocks and due to weather conditions the rocks are shaped very weird there. And the sight is truely amazing, if you reach the top.