Friday, February 4, 2011

OMG !!! I WON !!!!

When I got up this morning I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the internet:
I won the first and the third prize in an art contest of one of my fave webcomics, Wendy Pini's "Masque of the red death"
A dark, beautiful, gothic Comic-tale created after Edgar Allan Poe's short-story, which Wendy set up in a Sci-Fi world. 

Now what most of you don't know... before I did landscape-art, I was (and still am) also illustrator and do art for some small Sci-Fi and Fantasy fanzines and Wendy was the one, who encouraged me with her beautiful Comic "Elfquest" to start my whole artistic career... Without the magic of Elfquest, I would have never ever started painting at all and so this price is especially a very big honor for me !!! I could embrace the whole world now after I pinched myself long enough to actually believe it ^_^

Yuki, my youngest daughter, became a big Elfquest fan herself and asked me to take part in the contest. I'm glad I did and she will get one of the prizes, a pillow with her hero "Skywise" on it.

Here are my two entries:

"Bunchh", a vivid character of the comic, who inspired so many readers of the web-comic, by his/her lovely way to embrace life, even in sad times...

And here you see Steffan... I often was angry at him during the story, but I really loved him, because he was so hopelessly romantic ^^ AND I loved to draw his hair :)

And here is the link to the contest, with a lots of entries of wonderful and talented people, who took part:
All characters (Bunchh and Steffan) are (c) 2011 by WaRP Graphics


  1. Oh wow! Ich gratuliere dir! =D

    Das ist mal was anderes und es freut mich, dass du die Bilder zeigst (ich mag alles was mit Fantasy und SciFi zu tun hat ;-D).

    Schöne Grüße

  2. Vielen Dank, liebe Christina :)
    Ich kann es selbst noch gar nicht glauben und freue mich total :D

    Viele liebe Gruesse und ein schoenes Wochenende,

  3. Gut gemacht und Glückwunsch! Die Bilder sind toll, schön, mal wieder Fantasy von dir zu sehen! Ich freu mich ganz arg für dich und hier ein dicker Knuddler!

  4. Vielen, vielen DANK !!! Hat auch echt Spass gemacht, sie zu malen...^^

  5. Hi Bill !!! Great to see you here on blogger, too. Thank you so much for the great feedback. It means much for me :)

  6. Gratulation ^.^ Echt wunderschön die Bilder!!