Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Spring days

Yesterday we did, what we wanted to do for so long... ride the boat across to the island "Nokonoshima" again. We came there last Summer and it really was awfully hot... now we visited to enjoy the first warm Spring days here.

The island is just 10 minutes away by ship, but there, no cars are allowed (exept for the people, who live there)... so it feels like time stands still... you feel like 50 years back in time and it's very quiet, typical japanese country life.


here, you see the fitst plum blossoms this year.

we walked this about 3,5km to reach the island park there. We could have taken a bus, too. But this path through the nature was so much more scenic and beautiful.

There was some mist on the sea and the colors looked very soft...

Here you see some Orange plantings... Oranges from here are very famous and really delicious.

After we reached the park on the other side. We could see the other peninsula "Shikanoshima" on the other side.

In the park there are many restaurants and also places, where you can learn crafts, like making your own ceramic bowls and painting on them. Now it's still off season, so there was hardly anybody there, but it looked so much more scenic that way.

Here you see narcissus, Suisen (水仙) in Japanese. There was a whole field of them and the smell was like perfume. The sun was shining and we layed down in the grass beside the field, while the kids played on the playground there.


We took the bus on the way back and I took a picture of Fukuoka skyline across...

In the evening, we discovered a new Italian restaurant in Tenjin "Hickory".

Very delicious, excelent service and children friendly...


  1. *steckt einen Hasen ein*
    Mensch, ich wünschte, bei uns würde es auch mehr gute Restaurants geben :-(

  2. Hier hat jeder irgendwie sein eigenes, kleines, knuffiges Restaurant... ist auch gar nicht mal teuer. Meist alles so um die 5-8 Euro... und man kann sich so ganz langsam durch alles naschen und immer was nachbestellen (wie in spanischen Tapa Restaurants). Daher sind wir auch fast jedes WE irgendwo.

  3. wie schön :D also die Landschaft kann einen echt beruhigen, so wirkt das zumindest auf mich ^.^ Dabei sind das nur die Fotos, in Echt muss so viel überwältigender sein... und die Narzissen <3 liebe diese Blumen!

  4. Danke, ich freue mich, dass Dir die Bilder gefallen. Die Insel ist direkt gegenueber von uns und sehr ruhig und einsam. Es gibt noch andere solcher Inseln hier. Ich hoffe, ich kann sie alle mal sehen.

  5. Ich finde eure mini-Ausflüge echt toll :D Habe mich die vergangenen Tage durch deinen Blog durchgelesen ;] So spannend, dass die Zeit voll schnell dabei vergeht, hihi

  6. Danke ^^ Da freue ich mich total :D