Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy new year

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody !!!
We had a great time celebrating with sparkling wine, Racelette and other delicious stuff... I really need to go back on my diet, when we come home ^^"
But first of all, let me tell you about another great restaurant, we try to visit every year. It's Italian, in the center of my hometown Hofheim-Wallau and it's called "Da Nico"
They have a lot of delicious Italian food... not only pasta and pizza. I really like that you can also have meats and fish prepared Italian-style.

Here is my fave... Gorgonzola Schnitzel. The service there is great and it's very children friendly. They have also a nice variety of draft-beers and good wine and grappa.  

Yesterday, the battery of my father's car killed itself, but at least it was friendly enough to stop working at a gas station, just 1km from our house. It could have been worse... I hope it can be fixed today, so hopefully we will do another sightseeing tour, before we go home to Fukuoka.

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