Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back in Japan

Today, after we tried to get rid of our jet-lag, we decided to drive to Karatsu again. The weather was perfect... no wind, blue sky and I wanted to greet the new year at Kagami-shrine up at Kagami-yama (鏡神社・鏡山).

Afterwards, we went on a little walk on the mountain. It felt almost like Spring... we even saw the first Narcissus there.

...and we had a breathtaking view over Karatsu and all those adorable islands.

We waved the shrine good-bye and...

went to Tatekami-iwa (立神岩), which means "standing god rock".

And we went to Yobuko (呼子), which is famous for "Ika" (Squid), which was very delicious !!!

Here you see the big bridge of Yobuko...

And some other beautiful islands ^_^
In Spring we plan to stay here for a couple of days and explore more...

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