Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend at Kuju-part 1

After so many busy weeks, we decided once again to "flee" to Kuju mountians... The drive was smooth, it took about 2 hours by car and I drove half of the way, which was really fun. I hate driving in the cities, but going by highway is nice.

Kuju is just breathtaking beautiful at this time of the year... you see reeds swaying in the wind everywhere and this white-soft colors combined by dots of red maple-trees and oddly shaped pines and elm-trees together with the Autumn sun is like a dream...

I tried to catch the view several times with my camera, but it's difficult, because you will never geht the whole panorama and the soft light with it totally...

Gentian ^^

and the "black dots" are cows.

since the weather was great we hiked up to misokobushi-yama.

and enjoyed the breathtaking view there.

During our Summer-vacation we were on two of those mountains you see here. The steam between are the hot-spas there.
Here we are at the little Onsen-village close by.

Here is the Utaseiyu-onsen. Water falls down from 3m and you can sit under that waterfall and get a massage with hot onsen water. After our hike this was wonderfully relaxing. I felt very refreshed afterwards. 

At the other side of the road, a shop sells cool and refreshing drinks. Just the right thing after a bath in the hot-spa.

Here is a shot from one of the beautiful decos of the inn, we stayed at. The inn was beautiful and very "traditional" and old...

...and the dinner was delicious !!! I definetelly want to stay there again.

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