Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching up...

Here are finally some photos from the group-exhibition in Fukuoka. 

unfortunatelly, I could not be there very often, because I caught a cold and felt very tired and exhausted and I was also busy with the kids and my family. But I met wonderful new friends and other artists there and I hope we can all keep in touch.
My art was also featured in the Blog of Motomura-san. The director of an art and design community here in Kyushu. You can check out his blog here:
And the article about me is here:

On Saturday, we hiked up to Takasu-yama.

The view and the ancient trees up there were beautiful. It gave me some rest and I finally felt relaxed again.

After such busy weeks and events, it was what I needed most... being in the nature with my family.

In the evening we went to Tenjin, stopped by at the exhibition once more (whcih was great fun again) and then we went to town and discovered the Kirin beer pub. The food was delicious and reminded me a lot of Hakodate beer hall.
We enjoyed the little snacks and smoked chicken there...

before we went on to another great place, the Spanish Tapa restaurant, "Bar Mar".

Anyway, it was a great weekend and exhibition and now I hope for a calm November, where I can finally catch up with letters, mail and painting. 


  1. Your exhibition looks great!
    How do you feel now? I hope you are getting well soon.

  2. Thank you so much Mayumi. I feel fine and relaxed at the moment. We just went to Kuju over the weekend to see the red leaves and Autumn there. It was totally wonderful and we also did enjoy Onsen (utaseiyu) there. So great ^^

    I have one other exhibition ahead, 2 paintings will go to Ginza, so I'm really excited, but I just have to send them off and see what happens :)
    Hope all is fine with you, too. New York must be already cold now...