Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last weekend, we drove to Karatsu and visited a famous spot there, called "Nijinomatsubara" (虹の松原), which means "Rainbow out of a pine beach". The beach has the shape of a rainbow and along that beach is a pine-forest. It belongs to the most beautiful spots in Japan.
We went up to the castle there and enjoyed the view...
After a delicious menue in one of the restaurants there, we drove up to the mountains and went to see the waterfalls there... there are about 8 of them and you can hike all the way beside them. But it was too hot and so we just took a look at some of them.
We drove further up in the mountains and enjoyed the view. Here you can still see Nijinomatsubara in the distance.
Up in the mountains, there is a plateau with a shrine small lakes and beautiful nature.
We spotted a lot of mushrooms (those are not edible, but they look beautiful)...
...and enjoyed nature there. It was so much cooler than down at the sea. There were a lot of frogs, some snakes, Dragonflies and Butterflies there.
Someday I want to come here, when the Lotos is at full bloom.
on our way back the kids had fun playing in the river. :D

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