Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mushroom cooking

Today, the road to the mountains at Akagawa opened again finally, so we eagerly went picking Mukitake. The Latin name is Panella serotinus. Serotinus means "late" and indeed it's the last mushroom we can pick there before the snow.

Finally we found some. Those mushrooms grow always near the river, at old trees... but you need to be careful not to pick the poisenous Tsukiyotake. So please, if you are not sure, DON'T pick them at all...

After a long drive through the forest and rivers, we picked enough for a nice meal. I'm always amazed when I check German books and they tell, that Mukitake is not a delicious mushroom. This is absolutelly not true. You can cook it even European style and it is very delicious !!!

So here is what I cooked from it today. Omlette rolled with "Hokke" (a mackerel famous in this area), cheese, shrimp and Mukitake... and Penne with pork, papirka, Mukitake and sour-cream sauce and some salad with our own smoked bacon together with white wine from Tirol *yummy* :p

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