Monday, November 23, 2009

about Japanese food ^_^

This weekend was very exciting. We went fishing again at Todohokke and my husband was lucky and caught 2 Kajika (a fish similiar to Monkfish or Seadevil)

When we came home, a parcel of our friend Masaki-san arrived. He sent us some wonderful Japanese cheese from the Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm in Hokkaido, which won many national and international awards for it's fantastic products. Please read his wonderful and interesting article about it at
and I also recomend his interesting and unique website to read about Japan, how it really is:
Actually, when I started this Blog, I only wanted to write about my art, but I realize more and more, that I should also write so much more about live in Japan as it REALLY is, because I feel that we Western people have sometimes a very different view of it.
For example, whenever I talk with my friends in Germany, USA, Canada or other "Western Countries" their first question is always "how can you life in Japan with JUST Sushi and Soysauce ?!?!?"
To me this is always so puzzeling and sometimes even annoying, because I can get here ALL western products and also western products made in Japan and honestly, most of them taste totally equally, if not even much better than in Germany and Europe.
As a proof I took a photo of Japanese camenbert, Masaki-san sent, and also a package of Hokkaido ham, which won the German DLG prize. All is very delicious and in the meantime, I think people in my own country should finally respect and realize that Japan produces the very same products they do, along with the wonderful Japanes cuisine.
Well, since we caught the fish and I got the wonderful Hokkaido cheese, I thought I cook European today, using ONLY Japanese vegetables, ham, our caught fish and the cheese of course.
Here I started with a Ciche/Chawanmushi (Eierstich in German) using the fish-fond (dashi) of the devilfish... good Hokkaido-cream and egg.
onto the second dish, with fish, crabs, tomato, balsamico (made in Japan !!!), paprika and herbs from our own garden... seadevil a la saltimbocca with asparagus, shrimp, mushrooms, Hokkaido camenbert and Hokkaido cream...
and here is a the final mix of it on my plate. ^____^
It was wonderful... the only not-Japanese thing I added was one great dry white-wine from Frankonia.

Well, so all of you can see, I live and eat great here... I have great sushi, delicious ramen, tasty soba and Konbu and other wonderful Japanese dishes, but also the most wonderful Italian, French, German and other Western flavours here, and all is made in Japan and really, really wonderful, tasty and safe!!!!

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