Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Shadowpath, my journey back in the past

Just in case you are wondering, what I'm up to at the moment, I'm currently working on the third fox commission and since April on a VERY, VERY old project of mine, which is still very dear to me. It's a comic called "Shadowpath" and I started this in 1995 and stopped in 1999. Now I dug out the old pages and realized I HAVE to redraw and finish it as my characters have suddenly decided to jump up and down in my head again telling me, what they did in the past 20 years and how the story will continue up to now.
In fact, most of them were in my head already, when I was 15 or so, they helped me through times, when I was bullied, misunderstood and alone. They were MY very motivation to start drawing and painting, because they wanted me to tell their story and I went on a lot of epic journeys with all of them. Some died, some new ones came in and I feel honored that some close friends of mine encouraged me to carry on and even went together with my characters and me on that crazy journey.

I never spoke here about this story or that I also did and do comic ever. Simply, because it all slept very deep until the beginning of 2017 and simply because I will probably never publish it, but as I said before, I always take good and trusted friends on a ride to join my charactes and me on that crazy journey, where there is no good no bad, just different shades of shadow.  ^^

Just giving you a very small snippet here. The original story (Part 1) is actually over 500 pages and still going on and on and contains lot's of characters. I'm now redrawing page 244 and having so much fun ^^

German only... sorry... ^^"


  1. *luvs* If you ever want to see it translated to English, just ask. ;D

  2. Thank you so much *hugs*
    If it will ever be released, it'll be in English anyway. I always felt German Sci-Fi fandom is not really "my cup of tea" and it won't really fit in. Thank you for travelling with my characters and me all those years. I'm currently working on some more pages ^^