Monday, April 29, 2013

Golden week 2013 Part 1

Spring and Autumn are my fave seasons here in Fukuoka. It's still not to hot and we can do a lot of hiking. Last weekend we hiked Nijodake and had an awesome view.

Some days ago, we went for Koshidake, which is not so high as Nijodake, but the view and the walk where a great experience.

Here you see bamboo sprouts...

...and the little shrine of the valley at the feet of the mountains. There was a castle there about 500 years ago and the village is as old.

On our way back, we saw some Koinobori-flags

and a "Tanuki"

Today we did some hiking as well, picked Udo, Taranome and Warabi

enjoyed the flowers...

...AND picked a lot of woodruff for woodruff wine. :)

high up on the mountains we still found some Camelia blossom...
Now I'm looking forward for next weekend. Friday and Monday are public holidays and there is still so much to see and pick.
Happy Golden Week :D

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  1. Tolle Fotos *__* Wirklich hübsch,.. ich will, dass hier auch endlich durchgehend gutes Wetter ist. T___T

    Ps: Dein Brief macht sich diese Woche endlich auf den Weg. <3