Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moji and Shimonoseki

One week ago, we went to Shimonoseki and Moji. Both lie across each other. Moji is the end of Kyushu, while Shimonoseki is at the end of Honshu. The tide and current of the sea runs very quick through this small channel, so it's said fish and seafood is especially delicious there.
Shimonoseki is famous for blowfish (Fugu) and it has a famous fishmarket, which is open for tourists at weekends.
Here you see the fishmarket.
And I tried a Fugu menue, which was really delicious !!!
Later, we crossed the channel via tunnel and went back to the other side to Moji in Kyushu.
Moji really impressed me.
There are many historical buildings there...
...and it reminded me much of Hakodate or Nagasaki.
No, this is not Hakodateyama... but it really looks like it on this foto :)
I hope I can come here agian... it's not such a famous sightseeing spot, but the atmosphere made me feel very nostalgic, like in a "Hakodate state of mind"...

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