Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photos from my cooking-class

Thanks to the EU Association in Fukuoka I was able to give my first German cooking class this weekend at Shokubunka Cooking studio
There were about 20 students with 10 of them I cooked German food (Potato salad,
potato soup and Jägerschnitzel with cream sauce)
and 10 of them learned to cook Spain cuisine from their spanish teacher Maribell.
Unfortunatelly I forgot my camera, but Yoko-san, one of the students, was so kind to lend me the pictures she took.
Yoko-san, arigatou :)

Here you see the Schnitzel and potato salad... we had great fun preparing everything and the people from the EU Association did a great job, organizing everything.

Here is the Spanish food, which was delicious, too.

Hope to do this again someday :)

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