Sunday, July 22, 2012

Natsuyasumi / Summer holidays

Sorry, for not updating here for such a long time. It was mostly raining here with 30-32 C and we mostly survived the weekends resting and doing Onsen. This time rain-season really was heavy here.
But nevertheless, we found some of our fave mushrooms, called Tamagotake in Japanese.

And here is a recent pic of Muu, wo still loves to chew on my O-mamori.
He learned speaking a lot of new words, like "Na kommste raus" (come out) and
"Na kommste rein" (come in) and also "Kuß" (kiss), "Tadaima" (I'm back) and other things. He always makes me laught and wonder. I hope I can record him speaking someday and post it here, but he is still to shy and to curious, when I hold a camera and stops speaking, when I record him.
We brought him to the pet shop today and I already miss him. He will be there, during our vacation... 

And here you see a gorgeous sunset at "our" beach. We went there today with a drink and simply enjoyed the scenery.

Will post more from our trip to Germany, so stay tuned ;)

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