Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fotos from the exhibition

The past days have been overwhelming !!! I had so much fun at the exhibition and with everybody and time literally flew. Tomorrow I have a lot of appointments, so I decided to update my blog today.

Here you see the newly restored "Tokyo metropolitan museum" in Ueno park. It was closed for almost 3 years due to restoration and just opened this April again. The complex ist HUGE and you can easily get lost. There are so many exhibitions there and Ueno park is simply beautiful.

Here you see our exhibition space there...

and this photos give you some idea about the many different styles and paintings in the show. It's always so refreshing to see so many types of art hanging together in harmony there.

These are the works of the German artists form "Wallauer Fachwerk"

And here and on the photo below you see the works of the artists, I introduced to "Salon Blanc" because of the show in Makurazaki in 2011. BUT I could have never done this all alone... my wonderful friends Hayashi Toshiko and Riyo Satou did most of the work and organizing, so THANK YOU two for everything !!! Thank you for making this possible for all of us !!!

It was kind of funny this time... my painting was hanging right between the French and German entries, but since my name is Japanese, it made everybody wonder ^^

Here some photos of Uneo park during Hanami season...

Thanks to everybody for the wonderful time !!!! Hope to see all of you next year again !!!

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