Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking at Iwarayama

At the weekend, we drove up to Iwarayama (井原山). We hoped to find some Fukinoto there, but it looks like it will still take 1-2weeks to grow. The kids enjoyed to play in the snow though...

...and in the bright sun down here in the south, it already feels like Spring.

No luck with Fukinoto, but we spotted some "real" Enoki エノキタケ. The Enoki you can buy in the store over here are white with a long stem, but when they grow in nature, they have a rather brown color.
They mostly grow in Winterseason. That's why they are called Winterrübling in German. Their latin name is "Flammulina velutipes".
We had them with Miso-soup ^_^

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