Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oyster mushrooms

Saturday we mostly go to Onsen and later try out some of the restaurants in downtown Fukuoka. This time we went to Kirin Beer-pub in Tenjin. The potatoe-salad is one of the specialities and it's made with self-smoked ham.

We also had delicious ham-pizza with rosemary oil...

...carbonara-pasta and famous Kirin "Brau Meister" beer.

and on top of that a beautiful view on the shirne and city illumination...

...but on that day, we also found a BIG surprise... mushroom-finds always happen, when you expect them less, but you need the heart to go out and have a look. We took a detour to the Onsen and suddenly found an old tree with MASSES of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) ヒラタケ.
You can buy them in shops, of course, but from nature they really taste best !!!

My mom invented a delicious and easy recipe how to cook them. It's the same I use for Blewits (lepista nuda) ムラサキシメジ.
You need some chicken-parts like chicken wings... glass-noodles and the mushrooms. Make a broth out of the chicken and flavour it with some broth-spice powder (consome powder). Then take out the chicken-parts (you can grill them crispy later in the oven) and put in the sliced mushrooms. Boil the soup again and add the noodles in the end...

Here is the result on my plate... best fits a good dry white wine with it. Bon appetit ^_^

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