Monday, December 5, 2011

Hiking at Furuyu

This Sunday, we decided to hike Jouyama (城山) near Furuyu (古湯), which is an old Onsen-village with many hot-spas. The nature here is still more Autumn than Winter...

And you can still see typical Japanese Autumn-colors...

The entrance is beside an old, beautiful Shrine.

And on the side of the hiking trail are the ruins of some medieval houses, along with beautiful japanese Maple.

Rocks in this area are very high quality, so people used them to build residences, statues and shrine-gates.

After a one hour hike we reached the top. Down there you see the village, where we started.
If the weather is good, you can see Kuju-mountains from here.

The castle was built on this spot, but only the old pine-trees remained.
Later we took a bath in the Onsen and bought some vegetables from the farmers...


  1. Wahnsinn, wie herbstlich die Landschaft dort im Dezember aussieht. LG Yvonne

  2. :D Ja, im Dezember haben wir es hier unten im Süden noch so zwischen 15-20C, aber dafür ist es richtig naßkalt und ungemütlich von Januar bis März, da es hier und auf Honshu keine Zentralheizungen gibt. Oben, in Hakodate, wo ich früher lebte, war es um die Zeit schon tiefer Winter mit Schnee... was aber auch toll war.