Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn walk at nijo

This weekend we went to Nijo (二丈), a small town near Nanayama, with a beautiful valley.

This is the view from Ringobashi (Applebridge/りんご橋)...

and here you can already see the sasanqua-flowers. It's what I love here so much. Even in Winter, you can see flowers blooming...

This is typical Japanese country side. I hope and pray that people find a way to preserve it... those old farms and villages are the CORE of Japan. 

Later, since the weather was nice, we decided to drive up to Kagami-yama and enjoy the view over Karatsu.

In the evening we went to a wonderful Italian restaurant (da Ciruzzo) in Imajuku.
The food is delicious and the service excellent. We will definettely come again.
This are some antipasti.

Quattro formaggi pizza...

... and deer carpaccio. YUMMY !!!

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