Monday, October 24, 2011

A visit at Sennyoji

After all the exhibitions and the conference of my husband, we went to Sennyoji, a wonderful temple in the mountains near of our house to relax a little bit.

It was our first visit there and I was amazed by the wonderful gardens, trees and old temple.

It reminded me a lot of Kyoto and yet, I like this place more, because it's really quiet... almost no tourists and you really can relax and meditate there.

Here you see statues of 500 gods. Each one is unique and different from the rest.

After we took part in a Buddhistic ceremony, we took a walk and felt refreshed.

And on our way back, we found our very first Akebi. It was very delicious. Unfortunatelly, the season is almost over, but I want to pick more next year.

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