Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X-mas

First of all, sorry for not updating here so long, but before the holidays, my life was so busy. We all caught a cold, I had a water damage in my appartement and this time I needed to write about 120 X-mas cards and I still did not manage to write everybody. What a year !!! It was busy, exciting and full of new experiences for us all... we went to Singapore, moved from north to south of Japan and so much more... Looking back, it feels that it was 5 years instead of just one...
O.k but enough of this... right now we enjoy a wonderful X-mas at my father's place... so let me tell you all about our stay.
When we started from Fukuoka and took the plane to Tokyo we had a wonderful view of Mt.Fuji.

At home at my father's place the beautiful X-mas decoration, my Mom made in my childhood's days welcomed us. I will never forget when she made those pics and hang them up every December. Without them I can never get in the X-mas feeling.


While I prepared the X-mas dinner... mostly salads with fish, eel, caviar and the crab-cocktailsalad, my Mom always made.


and YES !!! We really have a white X-mas this year !!!

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