Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spider lillies...

This is something, I never was able to see in Hokkaido... Higanbana or Spider lillies.

They grow everywhere here now and in contrast to the yellow hues of rice-fields, Autumn-sun and green grass, it's an amazing sight. Farmers plant them arround the fields as a natural protection agains moles and mice, because their roots are poisenous.

Would love to paint this someday !!! ^_^

...and I'm having some great news about the group-exhibition in Tokyo. I will announce more after I checked my schedule and talked with my Dad.


  1. Wow ... die sehen klasse aus. ^^
    Hab das noch nie gesehen so :)

  2. Ich glaube, diese Blume gibt es auch nur in waermeren Gegenden. In Hokkaido habe ich sie auch niemals gesehen.