Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Mushrooms...

Today, we went mushroompicking again.
We found the first Murazaki Shimeji (Lepista nuda) this year!!!
They are my fave mushrooms for chicken-soup.

And this is Noboryudake (Helvella Crispa). It may
look weird, but it tastes wonderful with clamps and Vongole Binaco.

We also found Akahatsu (Lactarius Akahatsu)
and some more Numerisugitakemodoki (Pholiota Aurivella).

Here is what I cooked with it for dinner...


  1. I love mushrooms but they really look weird. I think Julia-san must be cooking very well. It looks so delicious....

  2. Thank you Mayumi-san. ^^
    When the kids were small, I could not paint, because I was always scared that they might eat the dyes. So I basically let my creativity out while I was cooking and I still do. In Japan the food and ingrediences are so delicious and fresh and the kids and my husband really love to eat ^_^ So I get always great feedback and enjoy it.

    Yes, those mushrooms look weird... but the taste is great. They taste a little bit like sellerie and make good "dashi" in Consome.

    Do you know Morrels? I was so surprised, that I can find MASSES of Morrels in Japan. Here nobody picks them and in France and Europe they are so expensive. I especially love them as "Morille a la creme"

  3. I didn't know Morrel. I googled and saw its picture. I've never seen in Japan and here. Maybe it sells on store but I think I don't notice it. If I find it, please tell me how to cook. I really want to try to eat it.
    Thank you!

  4. Maybe, because it always grows in Spring, right after the cherry blossom, but it's true, it's very difficult to find. In France it is very expensive.
    When you should find it, please send me a photo first, there is also a "false morrel" and it's poisenous. シャグマアミガサタケ